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Planning a Prom - No Problem with Totally Sound Events

If you have ever been involved in the planning of a wedding you will remember that there are different outfits to be choosen, cars to be booked, hair, makeup, nails, shoes, accessories and a variety of other small but important things to arrange (and that is just for the groom J)!

Next on the list is a reception venue, menu choices, decorations, seating plans, parking, entertainment/DJ’s, invitations, table gifts and a list of other things that will need arranging before anyone arrives on the day – including a church – nearly forgot that!

The average wedding has around 125 guests in attendance and will take around a year to plan and arrange correctly.

Proms are the same!

The only differences really are a) there is no need for a church and b) as an event involving young people there are a host of different legal requirements and liability issues to consider.

Whether you are a school, a parent or a student wishing to arrange a Prom a quick call to the team at Totally Sound Events will make your life so much easier – and mean that you too can enjoy the event.

Totally Sound Events have been co-ordinating events for 100+ guests for over 20 years and appreciate the need to get everything right on the night – for a reasonable price. The ‘Totally Team’ will work with you to ensure that you and the rest of the Prom attendees have the best night possible for the budget allocated – working as part of your event management team. The ‘Totally Team’ can assist with everything from venue selection and booking entertainment to theme ideas and decorations.

If you would like to take the headache out of arranging a Prom contact the ‘Totally Team’ today for an informal discussion about your plans.